August 9th, 2013, 10:09 pm

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Author's Comments:


I'm gonna keep practicing how to do this correctly so anyone can go next~
(sorry it makes no sense XD )


User's Comments:


Haha! nice! Awesome! XD


Wow your style looks very nice!! <3 I have Manga Studio as well but Idk how to use it x.x;;;


I was hoping my drawing style at least improved a bit XD

Manga Studios is actually a bit complicated to figure out at still is for me. But I really like the inking pen and the screentones that it already has available (~ = w =)~

I would've continued updating but I gotta get my college classes set up, they're being a derp on my schedule DX that and I'm out of ideas at the moment


great pages! I like your change of style.
Its ironic cause i have my pages ready to scan, and it took me a couple of weeks to get my scanner working again. But now that I see the recent pages, i'll have to redo some of the pages. But i dont mind! Im glad though that there was an update. I felt bad that i didnt do anything when i was suppose to and i shouldnt be so unproffessional. So since i have a bit of free time today ill redo the pages, scan them and edit them.


There's no rush ;A;
I wouldn't want the collab to die anyways DX but I am looking forward to any update =w=

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