Just Stay Away....--?!

May 9th, 2009, 8:05 pm

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sorry 'bout how wide it came out
unfortunately photoshop refused to work for me and I ended up with this plus my crappy handwriting as well...and this may lead up to my last few characters--if I decide to do two if...3 max?

sorry for screwing up Fei big time I tried not to


Its Aweseome and your hand writing is cool! XD


this is so awesome!!!!
great pic!!!


@BK--ah, I've always hated my handwriting, but thanks

@akira--nyaa thank you~


D'aww man! You have better handwriting than me!! I take after my father when it comes to writing. T.T

WHEE! COLORS! <3 You did fantabulously!


i take after my dad's handwriting too--my mom hates how small I write X3

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