Confusion, Deja-Vu, and a Tattle-tale+Hostage...

June 7th, 2010, 12:12 am

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poor BK
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and now BK's whereabouts are discovered...
well, he and suki had to play SOME sort of role XD

go and continue on, i can't update for a while now


Oooh, is Fluffnut reminding her of someone else? :O Teh suspense!~~~ Hurrr. I shall do a scene between Fluffnut and Desu (?) >D~~ Tis shall be cute....and awkward hurrr~




ah the suspense...
i soo gotta see what the next one is....XD


wait BK is where? with who?? XD


currently BK is probably stuck with Suki (the devious evil twin dressed in red) in a food cabinet near a kitchen, most likely tied up while being tormented somehow idk just made it up XD

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