Another page :D

June 22nd, 2010, 3:03 am

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Author's Comments:


Annd that's the second page done :3 Luff the third panel X3 hurr embrace times~


User's Comments:


new page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it looks so nice!and its soooo adorable!!!
whose gonna do the next one because i feel like doing it.though i might be out for a portion of the day. so whoever wants to do it say now.


i still have no internet at my house but i can try a next page unless someone else can, cuz it'd take awhile if i do it


I'd make a page if i'm sure where BK is??? XD i have no idea.
I did not notice these pages D:


there's always the possibility of making up BK's location.
if he shows up though, he may be seen with a &#8243;special collar&#8243;on him, courtesy of Suki...XD
that's what usually happens when she finds someone as her new 'pet'


actually i'll do a quick one when i get a moment


haha ok XD
a collar as a new "pet" lol thats really funny XD

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